Home removals and relocations throughout North Queensland

Are you looking to move and take your home with you? At All Areas House Relocators, we safely relocate your house using the latest in lifting trailers and equipment. Backed by more than 40 years’ combined experience, we ensure your house removal is a smooth and convenient process.
Our house removal process includes the following steps:

1. Finance is approved
2. The block is inspected
3. Council approval is granted (on both ends)
4. A building designer & engineer provide the necessary plans & tests (site plan, soil test, floor plans, etc)
5. A building certifier puts forward your application to the Council for a building application
6. Road permits are obtained to ensure your home is transported within regulations
7. Your home is then removed & delivered

Whether it’s your first home or an investment property, purchasing a relocatable home is more affordable and environmentally sustainable than building a new one.

Call us today to have your house removed by the experts. All our work is fully insured and we also offer a range of recycled homes for sale. We service all of North Queensland including West Mackay, Mount Isa and Cape York.